Icons on E-Tourism sites


 An icon design is one of the designer’s hardest challenges. Since icons help us execute commands, open programs or documents quickly, it should be immediately clear what kind of thing is represented in them. Normally, the best rule would be to keep them as simple as possible. I read a great article lately about mistakes in icon design, not so long after finding two examples of bad icon design on e-tourism sites:

The first is a « map » icon, found on this wonderful Norwegian e-tourism site. It looks like this: . What is it? come on, it’s the shape of Norway… everyone knows that. And if you didn’t, the site’s admin team added the word « map » just next to it – now you can’t go wrong. Well, let’s say that a good icon doesn’t need words to support it.
The next is a « news » icon, found on the Visit Prague website. It looks like this: . Is it a link to an image gallery? or maybe a stamp-like icon, taking us to The Czech Republic postal authority? again, the supporting text only proves how bad this icon is.
Found any interesting examples of icons on e-tourism sites? either good or bad, feel free to share them with us.

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2 future man-made islands

I have already shown you « the world » in Dubaï. Hera are two other strange future man-made islands.

First of all, Zoran Island. Mr Gulu Lalvani, developer of the Royal Phuket Marina in Phuket, Thailand, has his eye set on a new project – Zoran, a man-made island located off the Phuket shoreline. Lalvani told local press that Bill Gates and his 54-meter yacht.provided the inspiration for this island. Phuket lacks a marina that can handle superyachts, a significant failing in light of the increasing number of super-rich tourists such as Bill Gates coming to this area. An Australian consulting firm has been hired to survey the proposed project site, which Lalvani named after his youngest son. Plans are developing for a hotel, luxury villas and berths for superyachts. So, if you have a hankering for such a place, then keep an eye on this future project.

Reef Island. You don’t need to wait until 2010 to invest in Reef Island. This man-made island paradise is gathering momentum as a flux of Bahraini and European investors have rushed to book up to over half the proposed housing units to date. Previously known as Lulu Island, this reclamation project is being built as a joint venture between the Bahrain government and the Bahrain-based Mouawad Group Real Estate Development Company off the coast of Al Manama, in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The development was designed by Australian-based Spowers and Pentago, and it is designed in the shape of the number nine. This freehold development project’s land reclamation is complete, and it covers an area of 6.23 million square feet. Construction has begun on approximately 1,200 condominiums, 65 villas and 49 beach fronted homes. Future plans include a 250-room five-star hotel, marina and yacht club, an aquarium, a well care center, a shopping mall, and a multi-function exhibition center.

thanks to Brian

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7th « Marché des gourmets »

Last Saturday, for my internship at Donatello (a very good tour operator), I went to the 7th Marché des Gourmets, in Amay, between Namur and Liege (Belgium). It was a very interesting experiment. Thanks to Christian for his help!

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Discover the cities with Google Street View

Google Street View is a feature of Google Maps introduced in 2007 that provides 360° panoramic street-level views and allows users to view parts of selected cities and their surrounding metropolitan areas at ground level. When it was launched on May 25, 2007, only five cities were included. It has since expanded to 23 cities, and includes the suburbs of many, and in some cases, other nearby cities.

Google Street View, when operated, displays photos that were previously taken by a camera mounted on an automobile, and can be navigated using either the arrow keys on the keyboard or by using the mouse to click on arrows displayed on the screen. Using these devices, the photos can be viewed in different sizes, from any direction, and from a variety of angles. Lines that are displayed along the street that is shown indicate the direction followed by that street.

Google has stated that its ultimate goal is to provide street views of the entire world, although the company has not disclosed in advance the exact dates when any particular locations will be added.


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Top 10 – The Most Visited US Cities in 2007


These are the top cities visited by overseas travelers. Excludes visitors from Canada, and Mexico.

 10. Boston, Massachusetts (721,000 Arrivals)
Boston’s appeal on the other side of the Atlantic is timeless. Europeans seem to be fascinated with visiting Boston, & do so in large numbers.

 9. Chicago, Illinois (721,000 Arrivals)
Chicago is  home to the 2nd busiest airport in the world, so it’s no surprise that it makes this list. That & Shy Town has some tourist attractions of its own.

 8. Washington D.C., District of Columbia (901,000 Arrivals)
The American capital, while having had some bad press in the past, is truly a wonderful place to visit. And it seems that the world is finally realizing it.

 7. Las Vegas, Nevada (1.3 Million Arrivals)
Home to the glitz, the glamour, the cheesy, this is Las Vegas. Enough said.

 6. Honolulu, Hawaii (1.6 Million Arrivals)
Honolulu is in Hawaii, & it’s well Hawaii, beautiful beaches, tropical weather, volcanic activity, what more could you want on an island in the middle of the Pacific?

 5. San Francisco, California (1.6 Million Arrivals)
Truly one of the world’s most beautiful cities, San Francisco has long been popular with the international set, as a simple trip up Nob Hill will reveal, all languages, & all foreign travelers are to be found here.

 4. Orlando, Florida (1.8 Million Arrivals)
Disney World is maybe the largest attraction in the world, receiving visitors from every nation on earth. It’s every kid’s paradise, & every adult’s childhood dream.

 3. Miami, Florida (2.2 Million Arrivals)
Proving that Florida isn’t jus Disney World, Miami is ground zero for Europeans on a package-holiday, it seems as if every European has at one time or another taken a vacation package to Miami.

 2. Los Angeles, California (2.2 Million Arrivals)
Maybe the most dreamt of place in the world, it’s no surprise that Los Angeles ranks as high as it does on the international visitor chart. This is where dreams come from, this is where they’re made, this is whey they’re found. And people come from all around the world looking for theirs.

 1. New York City, New York (4 Million Arrivals)
Ahh New York, the least surprising end to any list ever made. New York City has always been the most visited city in the United States by far. This city has direct flights to Azerbaijan for goodness sake, & you know if they have direct flights to Azerbaijan they have direct flights to pretty much everywhere, & hence visitors from everywhere.

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mini-guide: KOSOVO, a brand new country…


Kosovo, (Albanian: Kosova) is a partly recognized country in South Eastern Europe. Formerly a Serbian province, after a lengthy and often violent dispute Kosovo declared independence in February 2008 despite vociferous Serbian opposition. Kosovo borders Albania to the southwest, Montenegro to the northwest, Macedonia to the south, and Serbia to the east.

to see the travel mini-guide click (suite…)

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Greece still one of Europe’s foremost tourist destinations

Greece enters the new tourism season as one of the most popular destinations in the world’s biggest markets.Greece is the second most popular destination among 80 according to data compiled by the International Federation of Tour Operators. During the ITB, a survey by tour operator TUI shows Greece to be the most attractive country worldwide, while another joint survey by the European Cruise Council, Euroyards and Medcruise & Europe ranked the country third in the list of the most popular cruise destinations in Europe, behind Italy and Spain.


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