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The Road of the mimosa, the olive-tree in Provence, the Da Vinci Code circuit in Paris, … all the sets of themes are welcomed to make discover the most remarkable sites of the cities. And this week, a plan of Naples, indexing the murders made by the local Mafia, are distributed in the streets of the Italian city. Are you ready to follow the guide?

The tourist resources are sometimes infinite… Naples, the city which was illustrated with the beginning of the year for its crisis of the refuse, is again pointed out. With a plan indexing the murders made in the city by Camorra, local the Maffia. The gutter is not left. The objective of the students in art who worked out is “to denounce the influence of the Maffia on the city”.

Of course…. They could have imagined a road of the godfather’s houses or a walk on the spot financed by the underworld…, but it will be a circuit of the impacts of balls and other pools of blood. “The goal is to draw the attention of the tourists to the fact that Naples is not only one town of beautiful monuments but also a capital of criminality”. Oh yeah? they didn’t know? From there to follow the guide, there is a true margin. Would you cross it?

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