Ecotourism in Ireland

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Looking for eco-friendly activities, transport, accommodation and organic food in Ireland? We discover the Emerald Isle’s many shades of green.

Ecotourism may be a recent travel concept, but it has a long history in Ireland where small-scale, sustainable, culturally sensitive and nature-based eco-escapes have evolved naturally around the country’s wild landscape.

Ireland’s natural beauty has always been its biggest attraction, with misty green mountains, a lush interior and wild craggy coastlines attracting everyone from serious climbers, cyclists and surfers to gentle ramblers, history buffs and wildlife spotters. And even now that tourism is a multi-million Euro industry, locals and tourists alike are fighting to keep Ireland true to its green roots.

For those coming from the UK, the temptation is to hop on one of Ireland’s famous low-cost airlines. But it’s surprisingly easy – and much more fun – to keep your feet on the ground.

Environmentally sound places to stay are commonplace in Ireland: a fact less surprising when you consider that many areas didn’t even have electricity until the 1970s and a traditional ethos still prevails. To witness people living simple, low-impact existence, take a trip to Tory Island, Clare Island, Rathlin or the Aran Islands. Alternatively, there are plenty of places to sleep that combine modern comforts with a clear conscience. posted by b01m


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